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Frequently asked questions
You mention a lot of features on your home page, but I can't find them, where are they?

We are a brand new website, and we are still building functionality for you. Our welcome page mentions the features we will have coming shortly, and there are way more ideas in our heads , so bear with us and help us grow - we promise it will be worth it!

Remember that some of the features rely on having your reviews (e.g. customised scores and personal recommendations), so we can't really make them available until you have used it for a while.

I can't find the products I use, what can I do?

First of all, try finding the products in search and not just through categories. The categories only contain products that we manually approved as often products have slightly different names in different shops, so we need to manually "group" them into a single product. And they often come in wrong categories (or no category at all). As time goes, there'll be more approved products in categories - but all products we get from our feeds are available through search. Hopefully our approval process won't take too long!

If you searched by product name and the product still does not show up, please report it as missing, as we'd like to expand our range as much as possible.

I can only see UK shops - when will you work in my country?

We hope that even without price comparison engine for your country you will still find OSBO useful for reading reviews and finding best products - after all, a lot of them are globally available. Also, bear in mind that some of the shops we onboarded offer delivery all across Europe, so you can still use them.

We do have plans for a global rollout, including ability to write/read reviews in other languages, but we cannot yet set exact timeline.

I've read a lot about privacy recently, why should I trust you with my data?

We understand your concerns, and as individuals we are also concerned about our data on the internet! As a company, we can make a few promises to you:

  • We will never trick you into sharing more than you are comfortable with - other than a name/pseudodym, all information provided in your profile is optional.
  • We will never, ever share any of your data with any 3rd parties.
  • We will always tell you how we intend to use your data, and let you opt out if you don't want to participate.
  • We will keep your data secure - using the latest technology tools to do so.

If you prefer to stay more anonymous, you can. But of course we recommend you share more, as this will allow us prepare better recommendations and product scores for you, and let the community grow.

I have feedback! Where do I send it?

First of all - THANK YOU. Feedback is very important for us - whether it's "thank yous", issue reports, or new ideas - we welcome it all.

We want OSBO to work for YOU so if you have any feedback, and ideas - please let us know!

You can send it to us by email, or if you'd like to discuss ideas with more of our early adopters, join our Facebook feedback group