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OSBO Features
OSBO is an independent site - we do not have a hidden agenda of promoting products from certain brands. One of our highest priorities is to cover as wide range of products as possible to make sure you can find all the best products.
Genuine & Transparent Reviews
All our reviews are written by users just like you. We will run promotions to test products, and we will clearly mark these reviews.
Price Comparison
You can easily compare price for products in different shops - and we'll be continuously adding more shops and widening our products range.
Powerful Search and Filters
We want to give you the a great user experience with powerful search and ability to filter to help you find exactly what you need.
We will be significantly enhancing these features, based on user feedback.
Tailor-Made Review System
Sophisticated reviewing system, tailor-made for the type of product reviewed, and ability to upload pictures.
Personalised Ranking (magic!)
You are completely unique! We will give you a personalised ranking of products, where ratings from users with similar profile will matter more than from those who are very different to you.
A personal recommendations system - our clever algorithms will identify the best products for you, based on your beauty profile AND the reviews you've written so far.
Price Alerts
As an OSBO member, you will be able to set up price alerts for products you have on your wishlist - we'll let you know as soon as the product is on offer in any of the shops we monitor.
A rewards program for our most active users. You'll collect OSBO Lippies osbo logo for writing reviews and inviting friends - whoever earns most Lippies in a given period will get a beauty reward. Any reviews you write before the official launch of the program will count - so there is no excuse to delay!