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OSBO is a very new portal, and you might wonder how did it all start?
It was approaching my wedding day. I have very oily skin, and most foundations I've tried end up making my face look horribly shiny. Not what I wanted for my wedding day...
I'd had a trial make-up done, and the make up artist used a consistently recommended foundation. I thought such a highly regarded foundation would be perfect. But my heart sank. Although my face didn’t shine like a beacon, I simply wasn’t happy with the result.
I spent the following months trying and testing loads of different products, and eventually I found something that worked for me.

During my search I came across hundreds of beauty blogs, YouTube videos, and probably thousands of reviews. It took hours and hours of my time to filter and find the information I really needed.

The data might be out there... but it's so badly organized, so generic, in so many different places, that using it took way too much time.

If you’ve ever tried to find the best foundation, eye shadow or moisturising cream for yourself, I'm sure you can relate to my dilemma. Not to mention all the times you’ve tried a product with great reviews, and it simply didn’t work for you.

This painful process made me realize that

the beauty industry needs a change

And this is how OSBO started