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£16.8 - 300ml
Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Body Wash
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Product Description for 300ml
A cleansing wash infused with pure essential oils, the Aromatherapy Associates Wash features a combination of lavender and petitgrain which helps to cleanse and care for the skin. To use: Apply to the hands and/or body. Rinse thoroughly. Aromatherapy Associates are true artisans in the field of aromatherapy with just one simple pursuit - to share the power of essential oils and the incredible effects that they have on a therapeutic level. Their range of blends have become a phenomenon in the beauty world. Combining expertly blended essential oils with unique active botanicals has led to remarkable innovations in body and skincare, resulting in beautiful, glowing, happy and healthy skin. Aromatherapy Associates products are 100% free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. Active ingredients: Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lavender
Product Description for Aromatherapy Associates Wash (300ml)
Treat your skin to modern indulgence with Aromatherapy Associates’ hand and body wash. This lightweight cleanser is perfect for hardworking hands and tired skin, working to rejuvenate and replenish with its gentle, creamy lather. Bursting with pure essential oils, the shower gel utilises high-altitude grown Lavender and luscious Petitgrain, a blend that ensures a thorough cleanse while upgrading the wash with a clean, fresh fragrance. The versatile body and hand wash is suitable for all skin types, melting away daily dirt and grime without stripping natural moisture from the surface. Designed to refresh and care for the skin, this cleansing gel is delicate yet highly effective; expect purified, revitalised results with every use.