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£3.99 - Coral Reef
Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint
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Product Description
Create a shimmering, salon-worthy manicure with Barry M Cosmetics Under The Sea Nail Paint; a long-wearing, chip-resistant nail polish that will have you glistening from every angle. Easy to apply, the colour-shifting, two-toned formula delivers an iridescent lustre with a mesmerising, mermaid-inspired finish. Features a white cap with sea creature embellishment. Vegan.
Product Description for ANGELFISH
BarryM UnderTheSea nail paint angelfish
Product Description for Butterfish
BarryM UnderTheSea nail paint butterfish
Product Description for CORAL REEF
Barry M UTS coral reef
Product Description for Electric Eel
Barry M Under The Sea nail electric eel
Product Description for Jellyfish
BarryM UnderTheSea nail paint jellyfish
Product Description for Pinktail
BarryM UnderTheSea nail paint pinktail
Product Description for Sea Turtle
Barry M UTS nail paint turtle