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Below the Belt Grooming Gift Box - The Ultimate Collection
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Keep the groin area fresh and dry with Below the Belt Grooming Gift Box - The Ultimate Collection; the perfect trio for when showering just isn’t an option. Includes a canvas wash bag for use on-the-go. Dermatologically tested. The Set Contains: Fresh & Dry Balls™ - Fresh (75ml) A calming groin-area 'deodoriser' infused with a refreshing fragrance. Working like any other anti-perspirant, the formula helps to keep you fresh, dry and smelling great down below, applying as a gel and drying into a silky veil that keeps your nether regions dry and comfortable for hours. Delivering long-lasting freshness, it's the perfect partner for long haul flights or relentless shifts in the office. Instant Clean Balls - Fresh (75ml) An easy-to-use spray that immediately refreshes your nether regions when there's no time to shower. Infused with a fresh fragrance, the formula works to keep your under carriage hygienic and odour-free when time isn't on your side. Simply spray around your balls and enjoy long-lasting freshness. You'll feel fresh, cleansed and ready to go in seconds. Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Fresh (150ml) Now delivering freshness above the belt, the 48-hour deodorant protects against odour and perspiration. Infused with a long-lasting Ocean Breeze fragrance, the alcohol-free formula minimises white marks and leaves you feeling dry and comfortable around the clock. For underarm use only.